Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tony Romo & Fiancée Candice Crawford Make Super Bowl a Family Affair

They've remained mum about a wedding date ever since announcing their engagement in December, but that's not stopping Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo from already treating fiancée Candice Crawford's family like … family.

Candice's brother, Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford, has been partying with the happy couple at pre-Super Bowl parties throughout the week. On Saturday night, Candice's parents joined all of them at an exclusive dinner party hosted by Audi at the Audi Forum Dallas.

"Tony and Chase are already friends," says a source. "They're going to have fun being brothers-in-law."

Observers say Romo, 30, and his future bride, 24, held hands throughout the entire evening, laughing with Chace and his fellow cast mate Jessica Szohr.

Glee's Matthew Morrison began the evening with a welcome toast. Also included at the dinner was his cast mate Lea Michele and her family.

"Tony and Candice have been at party after party together, and they are always snuggling or laughing with each other or with friends," says an observer. "They seem very happy together. And I haven't seen one without the other during any of the Super Bowl parties."

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